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Advice For Purchase ( Rabbit ) Part 3

Dwarf rabbit or mongrel ? :

All rabbit
are cute and little, but only purebred or pedigreed dwarf rabbits stay little even when fully grown which is what makes them so popular, with a mongrel or crossbred rabbit from an unknown source.

You never know for sure just how it will turn out, many an unsuspecting pet lover has bought a baby bunny described as a dwarf rabbit only to find some months later that the animal has turned into a regular meat rabbit and is quickly outgrowing the cage originally bought for it.

AS a matter of fact, the differences that distinguish a purebred dwarf rabbit from a mongrel are quite apparent even in young bunnies, if you don’t want to take any chance,

your best bet is to buy your dwarf rabbit from a recognized breeder.

Pets a Present for Children :

It seem as though people never spend money as spontaneously as rashly as when they buy pets for their children.

Nobody thinks of the fact that animals are not disposable merchandise that can simply be gotten rid of when their novelty wears off, Yet a school-age child who is thrilled to have a pet today may prefer to spend time playing sport or going to the disco in a few years.

The rabbit in the meantime is left in its cage, lonely and sad, if it hasn’t been taken to the animal shelter or abandoned long ago, it doesn’t have to be this way; everything depends on how the parent teach their children.

Crucial consideration before you buy your child a pet rabbit : Arrange to borrow a rabbit for a trial period, from one of your child’s classmates or from some acquaintance.

Let your child see chat daily life with an animal is like for a least a week, experiencing all the wonderful moments

  "If you place the rabbit on your lap like this, you will be able to see the genital opening and the anus" and finding out what owning a rabbit entails, including chores.

* Don’t give a rabbit to a child of preschool age.

* never assume that your child will take on all responsibility for the animal, if you don’t want to have anything to do with the rabbit and if you won’t enjoy it, you should not get one.

*Try to find out why your child is suddenly asking for a bunny rabbit, IS is just a passing fancy, a wish for something soft and pet, or is your child perhaps feeling lonely? One the other hand, your child may be motivated by a genuine love for and interest in animals.

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