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Advice For Purchase ( Rabbit ) Final Part 4

Where you can get a pet rabbit :

From pet stores and pet sections of large department stores, in the latter, you are most likely  to find mongrel dwarf rabbit, if you want a purebred dwarf rabbit, ask your pet dealer  for addresses of local rabbit breeders.

Through a rabbit breeder's club

( look for addresses in the American rabbits breeders association's yearbook, which is directory of all the members of the ARBA in the United states and elsewhere,

Advice For Purchase ( Rabbit ) Part 3

Dwarf rabbit or mongrel ? :

All rabbit
are cute and little, but only purebred or pedigreed dwarf rabbits stay little even when fully grown which is what makes them so popular, with a mongrel or crossbred rabbit from an unknown source.

Advice For Purchase ( Rabbit ) Part 2

Rabbits and Other Pets :

Rabbits are sometimes introduced into homes where there are others pets. Many people’s  love for animals extends beyond any one species, but the desire to have more than one kind of pet can create problems that should be given careful consideration before you buy a rabbit.