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Advice For Purchase ( Rabbit ) Part 2

Rabbits and Other Pets :

Rabbits are sometimes introduced into homes where there are others pets. Many people’s  love for animals extends beyond any one species, but the desire to have more than one kind of pet can create problems that should be given careful consideration before you buy a rabbit.

Rabbits and guinea pigs :

These two animals get along well and can be kept in the same indoor cage, especially if they grow up together.

birds :

Birds that sing loudly or screech should not have their cage in the same room with a rabbit.

Dogs and cats :
These two animals first have to be taught  how to behave with a rabbit, and teaching them is successful only within limits, especially if a dog or cat has been your only pet and is used to being the focus of everyone’s attention.

In such a situation, jealousy and a hunting instinct that has not previously manifested itself may suddenly erupt, if the antipathy between the two animals is too great, you should either give up the idea of having a rabbit or accept that the two animals will always have to be kept separate.

however, the later alternative does not work if interior space is limited and there are children.
Four years ago, Naughty a 10-week- old tomcat,

joined our household, which already included three rabbit. Full of optimism and equipped with well-meant advice from all quarters , I started the acclimation period telling my self, “Any young creature can adapt”.

 But unfortunately things did not work out that way, naughty kept wrestling with my dwarf doe Mummi so persistently that I had to gi ve the cat way.

This mad all of us very sad, and the fact that we found a good home for him gave us only small comfort.

What  Animals Get Along with Each Other ? :

All rabbit gregarious and love living together with others of their kind. So if you want to do your rabbit a favor, get it companion from the very start. Starting out with two rabbits is an especially good idea if you don’t have much time and are away from home a lot. Anyone who wants to keep more than two rabbits needs a very large indoor cage or pen.

Two bucks ( males rabbits ) :

Get along peacefully only for the first few months One they reach sexual maturity ( after about four months ) they begin to engage in violent fights for dominance which can lead to serious injuries.  

Two Does ( females rabbits ) :

Get along especially well if they grow up together. Two siblings from the same litter will live together most harmoniously.

A pair of rabbits will keep producing offspring, which in not necessarily appreciated by the average pet owner. The best combination, even if you buy the second animal after the first is already established, is to get a female and castrated male.

Male or Female :

For keeping indoors, a female pet rabbit is preferable. Male have to be castrated because they get very restless otherwise and start spraying urine. This spray has a penetrating sweetish smell that is hard to get rid of.
Determining The Sex :

Sexing a baby rabbit is not all that easy, and you are best off asking the breeder or a pet dealer who is familiar with rabbits to do it for you. If you want to find out whether and older rabbit is male, you push down lightly with two fingers on the lower abdomen, carefully stretching the skin until the penis becomes visible. Another unmistakable sign of a male are the testes on each side of the sexual opening, but in a young male they are not yet fully formed.

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