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Advice For Purchase ( Rabbit ) Final Part 4

Where you can get a pet rabbit :

From pet stores and pet sections of large department stores, in the latter, you are most likely  to find mongrel dwarf rabbit, if you want a purebred dwarf rabbit, ask your pet dealer  for addresses of local rabbit breeders.

Through a rabbit breeder's club

( look for addresses in the American rabbits breeders association's yearbook, which is directory of all the members of the ARBA in the United states and elsewhere,
this organization knows of sources of purebred young rabbits, or visit local rabbit show where you will be able to look around for a pedigreed rabbit, here breeders often sell of their excess stock for reasonable prices.
Important questions to ask when you
buy a rabbit :

Other signs :

==> Inflamed or tearing eyes;
==> Frequent sneezing or coughing;
==> Discharge from the nose;
==> A distended belly that feels hard to the touch;
==> Disheveled, lusterless fur that may even show bare spots and is soiled on the abdomen and around the anus;
==> Brown discharge from the ears ( canker ) caused by mites;

vacation care :

If it has sufficient water, dry food, and hay, a rabbit can easily be left alone in its cage for a day or two, if you are going somewhere for a several weeks, you can do one of the following :

Take the rabbit along :

Car trips should be as short as possible; you should spend your vacation in an area with a moderate climate; and you should stay in one place that has an area where the rabbit can run free ( rent a cottage, for instance ).

Leave the rabbit at home :

Ask someone you know and who has experience with rabbit to look after your pet, make sure the animal has a chance to spend some time outside its cage; this is especially important if you have just one rabbit, remind the caretaker to pet the rabbit every day.

Board the rabbit :

Your pet dealer may be willing to board your rabbit, but make sure it will have a chance to move around outside of its cage at least once a day and that it will not be housed next to birds with loud voices.

Reminder :

If you should travel abroad, get an official certificate of health for your rabbit from a veterinarian, find out at the appropriate consulate what other papers may be required.

Not recommended and to be resorted to only if all else fails :

Boarding your rabbit at an animal shelter or with a breeder where the rabbit will be left sifting alone in its cage all day, is not a good idea.
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